Honoring Today's 314th And The 314th Servicemen Fallen In Iraq

The 314th Infantry Regiment is one of the few WW II units existing as part of today's Army.

In 2004, today's 314th honored the WW II 314th Veterans Reunion with their Color Guard consisting of the Commanding Officer of the 314th, Lt. Col. Leon G. James and senior NCO's.

In 2005 elements of today's 314th deployed to Iraq. As a result of combat operations in Iraq, Lt Colonel James and Master Sergeant Tulsa T. Tuliau, Sergeant 1st Class Casey E. Howe and Sergeant 1st Class Michael A. Benson of today's 314th lost their lives in the service of our country.

For the 2009 Reunion of the WW II 314th and "Allied Victory" event, our special guests of honor are going to be the families of some of these fallen heroes. In attendance will be Lt. Col. James' family including his wife Sylvia and oldest daughter Maria who is following in the footsteps of her Hero Father and is presently a first year University student in ROTC.